Our Golden Rules

Golden Rules

Our code of conduct is explained through our Golden Rules, which we have deliberately kept to a minimum, highlighting positive actions. We remind ourselves of expected behaviour on a regular basis and everyone involved in the school community plays an active part in ensuring these guidelines are followed, and that expectations for behaviour are consistently high.

•We are gentle – we don’t hurt others

•We are kind and helpful – we don’t hurt anybody’s feelings

•We listen – we don’t interrupt

•We are honest – we don’t cover up the truth

•We work hard – we don’t waste our own or others’ time

•We look after property – we don’t waste or damage things

Our Golden Rules and Our Philosophy more broadly are reflected in the approach we set out in our Home School Agreement which we sign up to, together with parents. It is also fleshed out in more detail insofar as it relates to Equalities matters in our Equalities policy.