Attendance and Uniform

Please try to ensure that your child arrives on time. Having a settled start to the day is very important. All the children in our school are engaged in range of carefully planned self-chosen activities for the first part of the day, and if late will miss this important element of their learning experience. If a child is late a note should be written explaining the reason. Persistent latecomers will be contacted by letter and may also be contacted by the Pupil Entitlement: Investigation (PEI).


Absences and Holidays

In all cases of absence parents should please telephone the school before 9.30 a.m. on the first day of absence. When a child is absent through illness, or for medical appointments, a written note must be sent upon return to school explaining the reason for absence. Aside from illness a child should not be absent from school unless the permission of the Headteacher has been sought. A ‘Request for Absence in Term Time’ form needs to be completed, and the form explains clearly the position of the Headteacher and Governors in this regard. Any authorised absence during term time is at the discretion of the Headteacher and is not a parental right. Any unauthorised or unexplained absences may be investigated by the Local Authority Educational Welfare Officer.

Where possible appointments to see the doctor or the dentist should be made outside school hours unless it is an emergency.


The uniform is:-

Red sweatshirt with a gold school logo (available from school office)


Red cardigan with a gold school logo (available from the school office)


White shirt or blouse

Grey trousers, shorts (boys) or skirt (girls)

White or grey socks, or tights

Sensible shoes - NOT TRAINERS


Summer wear for girls- red and white checked dress.


P.E. kit:-

White T-shirt with school logo (available from school office)

White or black shorts

White or black plimsolls

Trainers can be worn for outdoor games

Track suit bottoms for outdoor games in cold weather

A navy hooded sports sweatshirt with school logo (available from the school office) for outdoor games in cold weather

Junior pupils may wear football boots for matches

Shin pads are required for all junior (KS2) pupils for hockey or football

Gum shields may be worn for hockey, although only competitive matches use a hard ball. However, sticks can also be the cause of damage to teeth.

A sensible swimming costume or swimming shorts/trunks are needed in the second half of the Summer Term, and all swimmers must wear a swimming hat – goggles are optional.

NO JEWELLERY should be worn to school. A sensible watch may be worn, but will need to be removed for P.E.

Children should not wear earrings and in accordance with Local Authority guidance may be excluded from P.E. on grounds of safety.

Hair gel is not appropriate in school.

Most pupils also have a school book bag and a school P.E. bag.


All property should be marked with the owner's name.