Tips for staying in touch

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At West Wittering school we value communication. We know that parents have busy lives and so we are constantly looking at ways in which we can improve on our communication with parents. We use a range of different methods for keeping you informed and these are set out below. 


Printed Letters for Parents

Although we are offically paperless we can produce paper copies for those who cannot receive them by email.


Newsletters and Letters

All of our newsletters and letters go out through the Parent Mail system as do our text messages. In order to receive our letters, newsletters and text messages - including class letters, parents will need to sign up for Parent Mail - which they can do by clicking on the Parent Mail link.


Parent Mail

This is an electronic system of newsletter delivery provided by a third party supplier to the school called Parent Mail. You can sign up here and you will then receive all of our Newsletters by email. Parent Mail hold all contact details on their database and so you will need to contact them in the first instance if you experience any problems receiving our news.


Our website's news feed

You will see that we publish all significant school news events on our website. These appear in snippets in the home page and in more detail on the News page.  You can sign up on our news page to have these news updates sent automatically to your email inbox if you would like that. To help you do this there's a free service provided by an online company called Feed My Inbox. If you visit their website and register for a free account it allows you to sign up to up to two RSS feeds (which is what we'll be connecting to in order to receive the updates). Once you've got an account you can paste our RSS link which is into the box available in your Feed my Inbox account and that's it you’re all set. You’ll receive an email each time the feed is updated – but not more than once in a 24-hour period. This cuts down on clutter in your inbox. So, if there’s one update or twenty, you’ll receive only one email with everything inside.


School Events Calendar

This is an invaluable tool. All of our planned events are scheduled in our School Calendar which is on this website. These include term dates, inset days, school trips, parents evenings, non uniform days etc. Checking this calendar on the website is one of the easiest ways of finding out what is up and coming at the school. Even better, if you use a calendar on your mobile phone, tablet or computer then you might find it really helpful to subscribe to some or all of the calendars that we use at the school. By doing so the calendar on your device will be automatically updated with the events being scheduled on the schools calendar. This is easy to do and can help to make sure that you never get caught out by a school event that you weren't expecting.

How to Connect our School Calendar with the calendar on your mobile phone or other device

There are three steps that are set out below.

1) Set up a Google Mail account if you don't already have one. This is easy to do and is free and will automatically provide you with a Google Calendar. This is necessary because our school calendars are linked to calendars held on Google - known as Google calendars. In your Google account you can even set if and how you would like to be alerted to new or upcoming events (eg pop up, text or email) - this can be really useful.

2) Once you have done this, click here and tick the calendars that you would like to be added into your own google calendar account. You can even set Google Calendar to send you alerts in advance of any scheduled event by way of 'pop up' text or email.

3) Add your Google Calendar account to your device. To find out how to add the Google calendar to the calendar system on your device in simple steps then watch a suitable You Tube video (if you search on there for 'how to add a google calendar to my .......'.) that shows you in simple steps how to add the Google calendar to the calendar system on your device. We've included such a video below that shows how to add the calendar to an iPhone.


4) Final stage - now you've added your own Google Calendar to your device, you now need to add the school's calendar to your device. This is straightforward.

a) In your mobile browser go to, then click the calendar icon at the bottom, and then click 'sync with a mobile device'.

b) Choose whether you want to sync your calendar with your iOS or Android device. 

c) For iOS, ignore the first set of instructions as you've already covered that in step 3 above. Instead scroll down to 'sync multiple calendars' and then as it suggests visit the following page from your device's mobile browser: - where you can select the School's calendar to sync with your device and save. All done.

d) For Android Users, find which Android version your mobile device operates on and then click on the 'sync (or synchronise) and display calendars' for that version. It will then guide you through a few simple steps to add the Schools calendar to your device. 


Facebook groups

Facebook is a great way of staying in touch and sharing information quickly between groups of friends. Some parents have created Facebook groups so that they can stay in touch with other parents and share information quickly. You may find this helpful too. However, these groups are independent of the school and we can't take responsibility for the content on them, it's accuracy or otherwise.