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Whilst we are a small school we pride ourselves on offering as many sporting opportunities to our pupils as possible.  We are quick to spot opportunities to link with other local schools, or with sports clubs.  
We have our own swimming pool and we pride ourselves on ensuring that all our pupils are competent swimmers by the time they leave us in Year 6.
We have a successful Football and High 5 netball team.
Football is a regular after-school club (for boys and girls), run by our excellent coaches from SCS (, and is also enjoyed some lunchtimes.  We have recently had some of our young sports men and women trained in the art of refereeing and this supports harmonious competition!
We have a very popular annual Triathlon (adapted to ensure that every single pupil in KS2 can participate), and for which place positions are hard fought.
Sports Day is also an annual event – we pride ourselves on offering the opportunity for everyone to participate, and ensuring that a wide range of sporting skills are included.  The format is adapted to meet the needs of different cohorts of pupils, or linked to the sporting calendar, e.g. Olympics style.
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Sportsmanship First – this is an initiative led by local businessman Stephen Crossley – and one which our Headteacher and pupils have been involved with for several years.  A positive, competitive attitude to sport is actively encouraged, whilst recognising that a firm handshake, or a genuine concern for an injured competitor are also key elements to be fostered.
Please click here to see our latest Sports Bulletin

Healthy School Award

We have held this status since …., and renew it on an annual basis.   Through a range of teaching and learning activities we support our pupils to understand the choices they can make to be active and healthy individuals– for example through food technology, sport, and science.  All KS1 pupils receive free fruit and vegetables through a Government scheme, and parents are encouraged to provide healthy packed lunches for their children.
We encourage staff, pupils and parents to cycle, scooter or walk to school if at all possible, and have participated in the Big Pedal for the past three years (this lasts for a three week period every March).  We even managed to win London and the South East for two consecutive years.