Music, Drama and the Arts

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Our parish choir master and organist, Mr. Michael Servant, supports the development of singing in the school.  Recent activities have included School Harvest Festival, Gospel Singing with well-known Gospel Singer Karen Gibson, performance of a musical – Our Cross – about the cross on our school uniform (which dates back to Viking times), and supporting of Mr. Servant in his successful attempt to break the Guinness World Record for non-stop organ playing.
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We participate in a broad range of other activities when the opportunities arise. These include some of the following:
Young Voices 2014 – the School Choir sang with 8000 other children at the O2 arena – an amazing experience for the pupils, and a moving and proud moment for families and friends in the audience.
Christmas Performances – these are an annual much-loved event.  In 2011 the audience were participants in a World War II air raid.  In 2012 the audience was transported by West Wittering Airways on a Flight to Bethlehem. In 2013 the parents went to the Christmas Oscars and finally in 2014 Elfsted came to West Wittering School and the Children and Parents had to prove the Christmas Spirit alive and well throughout the World.
Our drama club performed a memorable ‘Pirates of the Curry Bean’ in Summer 2013 and in Spring 2014 the choir performed Joseph and His Technicoloured Dream Coat.