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Birch class - Year 2

Class Teacher - Miss Natalia De Jesus

Mrs Lisa Willson (Wednesdays)

Teaching Assistants - Mrs Gail Colwell and Mrs Sharon Blakeley

Our planning documents can be found here  Birch

Please click here to see Birch's Parent Weekly Overview

Please find here Birch's Autumn Term Learning Overview

Further to our Parents Maths Workshop please find here the Maths overview based on the new national curriculum

Birch Class travelled back in time to the Victorian Era

Birch Class travelled to Africa as part of their Learning Journey.

Birch Class have had a busy start to the Autumn Term.  

Birch class had a busy Spring term.  They started by learning about where our food comes from and how it gets from the farm to our plates.  Please see the below photos from our trip to Tescos.


Becoming a Governor

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All governors are volunteers. Governors do not need to be education experts. The most effective governors listen, think and ask questions.


Governors do not have any powers as individuals. The governing body exercises its authority collectively.


The main qualifications are:


•a belief that education is important;

•an interest in the role of schools in the community;

•an ability to work with others;

•an ability to assimilate a wide range of information and data;

•a willingness to learn;

•sound communication skills; and 

•being prepared to give time to doing the job well.


Schools are fascinating places. Being a governor can be very rewarding because you are:


•investing in the next generation;

•using your personal qualities and expertise to help the school, its pupils and staff;

•developing new skills;

•acquiring new knowledge;

•making new friends; and 

•developing a sense of partnership and involvement in the community.


More detailed information is available from the West Sussex County Council website and details of the application process are available from the Clerk to the Governors.


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The Governing Body

Chair of the Full Governing Body
Mr. Richard Holben (Parent)

Finance, Staffing & Premises Committee

Vice Chair of the Full Governing Body

Mrs L. Handford (LA Governor)

Learning & Teaching Committee

Parent Governor

Mrs L. Boys (Parent Governor)

Finance, Staffing and Premises Committee

Local Authority Governor
Mrs. L. Handford

Vice Chair of the Full Governing Body

Safeguarding Governor

SEN Governor

Co-opted Governors

Mr. D. Piper

Chair of the Finance, Staffing and Premises  Committee

Health & Safety Governor

Mr. W. Tayler

Vice Chair of the Finance, Staffing and Premises Committee

Foundation Governor

Father J. Swindells

Chair of the Learning and Teaching Committee

Community Governor

Rev. Sarah Manouch

Finance, Staffing and Premises Committee

Staff Governor

Mr. R. Weston

Learning and Teaching Committee

Mrs. S. O’Boyle

Learning and Teaching Committee and Finance, Staffing and Premises Committee

Clerk to Governors
Mrs. T. Day

Please click here to view the Governors Terms of Office and Meeting Attendance record.

As Governors of West Wittering School, we work to support the Headteacher and the other staff as they manage the school day by day. We share the same vision as our whole school community - we enjoy working to help our pupils achieve their full potential and aspire to their finding and making the most of their opportunities in life. A happy environment based on mutual respect forms, we believe, a firm foundation for the achievement of this objective.

The variety of backgrounds from which we come means that we have a wide range of different experience to offer. Some of us are parents of children at the school; some represent the teaching staff and others the local community, the Local Authority and our Church of St Peter and St Paul. Whatever our particular role may be, our decisions at Governors’ Meetings are corporate; and we have a clerk who records them and keeps us in line. 

So, what do we do? Briefly, we

•manage the budget delegated by West Sussex County Council, which covers salaries, running costs, maintenance and equipment;

•decide which equipment to upgrade or replace and what the priorities are for implementing new strategies and initiatives;

•are responsible for the type and number of staff employed; 

•appoint the headteacher, and may be involved in the appointment of other staff;

•have a role in monitoring the school's progress, and in setting annual targets for the school's performance and for that of the headteacher.

We meet as a Full Governing Board a minimum of once each term; our two sub-committees, “Teaching and Learning”, and “Finance, Staffing and Premises”, also meet as necessary, but at least once per term and report back to the full governing board. We also take part in appropriate training courses to further our professional development. 

The Governors are also responsible for overseeing the Policies in the school.

Please click on the following link to view the Charging Policy.

Periodic vacancies for new parent governors occur; if you are interested in what becoming a governor involves, click here.

If you would like to know more about our school Governing Body, click here.